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Design Expert 10 or Design Ease 10

Design Of Experiments for Lean and Six Sigma







This major release includes dozens of new features that increase the ease-of-use, functionality, power and appeal of an already great product. Once you try it, we think you'll be hooked.




System Configurations


DX and DE Single-User Pricing here



Upgrading to/from Design Ease Single-User Pricing here



Design Expert and Design Ease

annual Network License Pricing here



Annual licenses

Annual licenses are offered at a reduced per-user cost (as compared to perpetual licenses) and give you the right to use the software for one year (renewable each year). As long as the license is current, all updates, upgrades, and technical support are free.



Academic Perpetual Single-User Licenses Pricing here


Academic Perpetual Licenses are available to students and faculty at accredited institutions of higher learning. Please send your order on your institution's letterhead by e-mail below.
For information on academic annual network licenses, contact us.








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